all WideTrader connections are ok, meaning towards both brokers and servers generating signals for the strategies I subscribe to

Warning!   WideTrader is no longer connected to either server. This was likely caused by an ADSL failure, meaning internet service interruption.

Warning! WideTrader is no longer connected to the broker. If WideTrader is still connected to the servers, meaning the 'Wide Orders Connection Error" alert has not been triggered, this means the broker is experiencing connectivity issues.

Warning!   WideTrader has not received any signals for an excessive amount of time, more precisely the time set in the relevant section. 

Warning! WideTrader is not aligned and could not align itself. Chances are you initiated automatic trading with Wide Trader at an hour when the market is still closed. As soon as it is placed in automatic trading mode, Wide Trader attempts to align the positions. If unable to do so within 30 seconds, it triggers this alarm and FREEZES INDETERMINATELY.  To clear this state of alarm, wait until the market opens, uncheck the Automatic Trading flag, wait 5 seconds and reset it to Automatic Trading.