For the consultants

WideTrader receives signals from Wide Reader and transmits them to your broker. WideTrader has several alarms that will promptly alert you in case:

  • the 'ADSL connection is lost
  • the signals received are not aligned with the positions open on the account
  • other alarms

In technical terms it is a software client. It receives signals in real time from the dedicated server and, when set to operate automatically, it transforms them into orders for your pre-set quantities and forwards them to the broker it is connected with. 

WideTrader responds to a wide variety of needs. For example let's say you wish to generate system trading signals and distribute them to you clients.

Your clients do not wish to keep Wide Trader open on their own pc because they want to process the orders through their account themselves. What can you do?
Use the "Wide Notifier" service that sends ONLY EMAILS and/or SMS to your client each time there is a change in position.
With "Wide Notifier", each change in the position of your strategies, for some or all of your signals, can be distributed via email/sms to your clients regardless of their PC being on.

Your clients do not wish to keep Wide Trader open on their own pc because they are busy, but wish to follow your signals automatically. How can you do that?
Certain brokers offer a service that allows you to follow the trading while delegating its execution to the broker. Contact us to be referred to one of these brokers. 

You don't know how to sell to your contacts, automatically generate signals in real time?
With WideTrader it is possible!

You wrote strategies, (commonly called "trading system" and better defined as "quantitative systems") with a commercial software or your own program, and now you don't know how to automatically apply the signals generated to your account?
WideTrader resolves all of your problems!  WideTrader receives signals in real time from your Wide Reader or from the Wide Reader of your registered consultants.
Upon receipt the signals are processed using the quantities you pre-set and transformed into electronic orders for the broker you are connected with.
Your PC needs to be on in order for WideTrader to function in this mode.