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Deal with highest possible effectiveness, use the power of WideTrader


WideTrader is a platform for automatic, real time trading, which interfaces the Trading Systems, conceived and developed by our financial consultants, and the user, who just has to fill in and pass the generated orders to the own broker, or who can decide to automatize the whole process and thus avoid any manual intervention.

It also allows to handle a portfolio of several Trading Systems on one or more financial products both in manual and in automatic mode.

After activating WideTrader through the payment of a monthly subscription, the platform is interfaced both to the authorized broker and to the Trading Systems developed by the financial consultants chosen by the trader.

Through the digital flux of data coming from the chosen markets, WideTrader constantly updates the list of the Trading Systems available and their functionality, the portfolio of the traded financial products and their variations based on the generated orders and on the number of bought or sold products and – in case the automatic mode is set – it rapidly and duly passes the generated orders to the authorized broker.

Take profit of automatic Trading Systems and of the newest technologies


Financial trading requires a base strategy and a constant data flux on product trends; both aspects are indeed fundamental and tightly bound to each other in order to successfully operate in all international financial markets.

Trading Systems are mathematical codes based on statistical forecasts which are formulated based on the historical trends of the financial markets and studied to find, in a given time span, the best time to buy or sell a financial product whose price is estimated to either rise or fall in a predetermined future time frame.

Trading Systems, which are developed by specialized consultants, thus follow strategies and operational tactics that are completely independent from decisions driven by emotions or personality and supply the trader with a totally analytical support.

Theoretically, this activity could be carried out by any user, who however would inevitably face the need to think over every operation risking to act driven by instinct, which very often leads to mistakes, or to react too late with certain disadvantage when markets are very volatile. Trading Systems offset these deficiencies as they are based on an unbiased statistical analysis of financial markets and on a comparison of such analysis with price and volume fluxes received in real time, so that they set the exact moment when to sell or buy a given product. In other words, they are a set of established rules, developed on the specific financial product one wish to trade according to the trader's needs and requirements, which are then translated into a computer code so that they can be read by the software which elaborates the data in real time. The signals generated by the software are transferred to the trader who only needs to pass the order on the market through a broker.

Use your trading to rapidly generate profits

Through WideTrader the users, or more specifically the traders, are connected to Trading Systems that are developed and implemented by financial experts and, with the support of a dedicated account at one of any of the authorized brokers listed in our relevant site section, they will be able to buy derivatives or currencies making a profit out of the price differences between the buying and the selling value of the traded products.

This way, anybody can generate a profit without the risk of having to take autonomous decisions that would require deep financial knowledge and thorough statistic studies.