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WT Explorer is a powerful query tool that allows you to check the transactions made though your account.

 WT Explorer allows you to check the performance of all strategies monitored by WideTrader.

You can view the reports by financial instrument type, strategy, market, consultant, complete with the details for each transaction.

You can automatically calculate Profit Factor, Net Profit, Drawdown and other values useful to evaluate and fully understand your trading strategies performance.

With some brokers it is even possible to check how much cash you have in your account in real time.

WT Explorer is a powerful performance analysis tool and an indispensable component of your trading kit.

WT Explorer is reserved for registered user.

Create an account now and get in touch to ask us the login details .

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Status Softs & Fibers:
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Status USDDollaro Value/Ask/Bid
Status EUREuro Ask/Bid

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Years ago we started looking for secure and reliable automatic trading software program and after much research realized there was not a single product that fit all of our needs. None of the many automatic trading software applications on the market gave precise, timely data and all lacked control/alarm functions to alert the user of typical trading-related issues.

In view of our assessment we then decided to develop and introduce this software to the market and hence fill the existing gap. We started working on it continuously in 2005. In April of 2008 we released our first copy to an important broker in London.

If you want to engage in automatic trading based on signals generated by your own or other trading system(s) Wide Trader is exactly what you need.

It can process incoming signals from the most popular trading software programs in the world, connect and send orders to the foremost brokers in Italy and the World. 

In entrata, supporta i principali software broker mondiali, e in uscita ti permette di connetterti ai principali broker Mondiali ed Italiani.